Transgender Affirming Services


Do you identify as a transgender individual or someone who is gender non-conforming?  Do you question your gender identity or feel you are in the wrong body?  Do you have concerns about gender or the label of gender? There are many assumptions that are placed on the gender binary, often we are classified into an either/or situation… are you male or female? Are you masculine or feminine? And so on. But, the reality is that gender identity, gender expression and gender assignment are not the same and are not as binary as our language often states.

Only you know your gender identity, and sometimes you may be exploring gender and that is OK.  

Our counseling services help to empower and explore your inner self.  No one questions cisgender individuals (those who were biologically born and congruent with the same identity) how they know they are a female or male. You best know who you are, and sometimes having a therapist serve as an advocate and supporter is just the needed tool to facilitate self exploration and guidance.

Transgender specific care means that we offer competent, up-to-date care with the knowledge of the unique challenges someone who doesn’t fit into the gender norm may experience. Owner, Katharine Campbell, is a WPATH member, serves on the board of SunServe (a local LGBT service agency) and presents multiple educational services on transgender affirming care locally and nationally.  

Services include: 

- Individual Counseling
- Letters initiating hormone therapy or Gender Affirming Surgery conducted based on WPATH Standards of Care
- Couples Therapy
- Family Therapy
- On-going gender affirming therapy